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WH series worm gear reducer

  • WH series worm gear reducer

  The WH series worm gear reducer adopts a cylindrical worm whose shaft section is arc-shaped, and the worm gear tooth profile is a conjugate arc with the worm.

  At the same time, the tooth profile reasonably thins the worm tooth thickness and increases the worm gear tooth root thickness, so the worm gear tooth root flexural strength is increased and the transmission capacity is increased.

  In addition, the angle between the contact line and the circumferential speed is mostly between 40° and 90°, which is easy to form liquid lubrication, and the friction coefficient between the tooth surfaces is small, so the efficiency is high and the temperature is low.

  The WH series worm gear reducer meets the JB2318-79 standard, and the WHX-worm can be an arc tooth cylindrical worm reducer under the worm wheel.It is suitable for deceleration transmission of various machinery and equipment in metallurgy, mining, lifting, transportation, chemical industry, construction and so on.



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