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GCWS two-stage worm gear reducer

  • GCWS two-stage worm gear reducer

  GCWS double-stage worm gear reducer can be divided into different low-speed worm orientations:

  There are three structural forms: worm down-mounted type, worm side-mounted type, and worm top-mounted type.

  It has the characteristics of high carrying capacity, high transmission efficiency, large transmission ratio and compact structure.

  It is mainly used in metallurgy, mining, lifting, transportation, chemical, construction, building materials, light industry and other industries.

  Working conditions of GCWS two-stage worm gear reducer:

  The input shaft speed does not exceed 1500r/min;

  The working environment temperature is -40~40℃. When the working environment temperature is lower than 0℃, the lubricating oil must be heated to above 0℃ before starting.

  Or use lubricating oil with low freezing point, and the reducer can run forward and reverse.

  GCWU low-speed worm geared worm reducer under the worm wheel

  GCWS low-speed worm geared worm reducer on the side of the worm wheel

  GCWO low-speed gear worm reducer with worm above the worm wheel

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