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Backlash-free worm gear pair

  • Backlash-free worm gear pair

  Working principle of non-clearance worm gear pair:

  The difference between the precision variable-lead worm gear pair and the ordinary worm gear pair is that the left and right sides of the variable-lead worm gear have different leads, while the leads on the same side are the same.

  It is thought that the tooth thickness of the worm is uniformly and gradually thickened or thinned from one end to the other end of the worm, so the variable lead worm becomes a variable tooth thickness worm, so the method of axially moving the worm can be used to eliminate or adjust the meshing of the worm gear pair. gap.

  The meshing principle of the precision variable-lead worm gear pair is the same as the meshing principle of the general worm gear pair. The axial section of the worm is equivalent to the basic rack, and the worm wheel is equivalent to its meshing gear.

  Although the left and right sides of the worm teeth have different tooth pitches, because the tooth pitch on one side is the same, the meshing conditions are not destroyed. When the worm is moved axially, good meshing can be ensured.

  The dual-lead worm gear pair is widely used in CNC machine tools with rotary feed motion or indexing motion because of its outstanding advantages.

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