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Precision double-lead worm and worm gear pair

  • Precision double-lead worm and worm gear pair

  Brief introduction of precision double-lead worm and worm gear:

  Volute: All nearby components must be installed to very precise positions, and the worm gear may be further adjusted during the setting process.During the installation process, we suggest: When drilling the volute, the allowable error in size is 5Js.

  Worm: After the first step of setting, the screw teeth are buckled to the worm gear, and then moved to the right, the worm returns to the worm gear, and the gear gap is gradually restored through the following necessary adjustments.

  Worm gear: The worm gear should be installed firmly.The coupling on the tyre must be gently applied (allowable deviation: shaft k, m, hole H).We suggest: install the worm gear when it is heated to 70°C.

  Support: Because of the thickness ring or adjusting lock ring (such as AB), there is the possibility of axial movement.For worm support, ordinary steel ball bearings with axial preload can be used.Because of the possibility of axial adjustment of the worm gear, in the event of a mechanical failure, the disassembly of the entire equipment is avoided with the bearing.

  Lubrication of precision double-lead worm gear pair:

  We do not recommend using butter for lubrication, because butter is not easy to wash off, and the heat generated by mechanical movement accumulates in the coupling area: this way there is a risk of thermal expansion and overheating of the components.Using lubricating (machine) oil, the circumferential running speed Sp must be less than 8-9m/l.With grease lubrication, the circumferential running speed Sp must be less than 1-1.5m/l.

  Precautions for the use of precision double-lead worm gear:

  When installing the worm gear, install it according to the instructions provided at the time of delivery.

  Debugging and operation of equipment: Adjustable tooth gap type worm gear, it is necessary to debug and run for a certain period of time as required.

  The tooth gap between the worm and the worm wheel can be checked to control it within a limited range of values, but there must be no gap.

  If the worm gear is installed and regularly lubricated according to these requirements, the worm gear will maintain the required tooth gap within its service life, and only need 3-4 adjustments.

  Design technical description of precision double-lead worm and worm gear pair:

  In order to correctly design this adjustable gear gap worm gear, it is very important to set the size and design the overall drawing of the worm gear.

  The drawing must clearly show the initial setting size of the worm wheel and the movement process of the worm to adjust the gap between the teeth.

  The gear tooth gap is restored by the axial movement of the worm: the amplitude of the axial movement can be set to 1/10 of the shaft size.

  During the setting period, in order to prevent the return of the worm, the copper worm gear must be asymmetrical.

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