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Advantages of worm gear screw elevator at work

发布时间:2021-04-26 10:05:30

  Worm gearScrew liftWhen in use, there are mainly SWL worm gear screw lifts and other equipment.The common worm gear screw elevator is mainly composed of a worm gear reducer and a lifting screw. Its deceleration component is a worm drive, and the worm is used to drive the worm wheel to achieve deceleration.The center of the worm wheel is an internal thread structure, which is equivalent to the nut of the lifting screw, which matches the lifting screw.

  The advantages of this type of worm gear screw elevator are as follows:

  1. When the pressure load is reduced, the lifting height can be increased accordingly. When the worm gear screw elevator lifts different loads, the allowable torque, power, and speed are also different, and the high power of different work continuity rates is also different

  2. The worm gear screw elevator adopts grease lubrication. As the temperature rises, the lubricant should be added in time, and the lubricating oil should be replaced in time during the working period. The working temperature environment: -20~80

  3. The worm gear screw elevator can generally be self-locking in a stationary state.The lifting speed is equal to the input speed of the worm divided by the reduction ratio of the worm gear, and then multiplied by the pitch of the lifting screw.