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Matters needing attention when using screw lift

发布时间:2020-09-07 09:35:07

  (1) According to the type of lift selected by the customer, make site preparations.

  For elevators with screw movement, the installation space of the tail pipe must be reserved on site according to the length of the tail pipe (the structure of deep excavation or welding steel structure support can be adopted).

  (2) Keep the center height of each unit consistent

  Determine the difference in the center height of each unit according to the type of elevator, steering gear, motor, etc. selected by the customer, and then select the appropriate backing plate according to the difference. Make sure that the input shafts and output shafts are in the same horizontal position.

  (3) Ensure the coaxiality of each input and output shaft

  When using couplings and connecting rods to connect each unit, the coaxiality should be calibrated, and there should be no tilt or stiffness; when the flexible coupling is connected, the floating amount should not exceed the allowable range of the coupling, and the rigid connection must ensure that each unit is connected. The geometric tolerance of the installation connection.

  (4) Ensure the horizontal position of each mounting surface

  The installation process must be leveled, each installation surface should be kept level, and the screw rod should be absolutely vertical to the installation surface, and no tilt should be allowed.

  (5) Installation of support platform

  Before the platform is installed, the mounting surface of the screw rod (or nut mounting surface) must be adjusted to the same level, and the mounting surface must also be kept level. At the same time, the mounting holes (or nut mounting holes) of the screw head must be adjusted to the level of the supporting platform. The support platform can be installed only when the mounting holes are aligned.When the platform is installed, it is forbidden to apply external lateral force to the screw rod. The screw rod only bears axial force.

  (6) When designing and installing the lifting cabinet, consider the rigidity of the worm gear cabinet under static load and impact load, and install it reasonably to avoid damage to the cabinet installation holes.

  (7) Installation of guiding device

  When installing the platform, the guiding device should be installed reasonably according to the requirements of the site conditions to ensure that no radial force can be applied to the screw. The direction of movement of the guiding device should be parallel to the direction of movement of the screw.

  (8) Installation of motor

  When installing the motor, be sure to ensure the stability of the installation position and avoid excessive motor vibration during use.

  (9) Check the deviation size of each axis before connecting the equipment

  Before assembling the elevator, drive source, and equipment, check the deviation dimensions of each shaft diameter, aperture, key and keyway to avoid damage to the bearing due to over-tight assembly, and excessive looseness that affects power transmission.

  (10) Confirmation of installation direction and steering

  Before installing the elevator, steering gear, and reducer, check the steering of the input and output shafts. After confirming the steering, the installation can be carried out. The screw rod must not rise or fall after installation to ensure that the platform rises and falls synchronously.

  (11) Preparation and inspection before trial operation

  Before trial operation of the equipment, please check whether the connecting parts are firm or not, check the lubrication condition of each position that needs to be lubricated, make sure that the tank has been filled with lubricating oil or grease, and make sure that the screw rod has been greased.

  (12) Trial run process

  During the trial operation of the equipment, the load should be increased gradually until the load required by the customer is reached. It is strictly forbidden to load to full load.If an abnormal situation is encountered during the trial operation, the operation should be stopped immediately, the problem should be checked, and the operation should be ensured to be normal.