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What are the operation and advantages of the screw lifter?

发布时间:2020-08-18 14:51:08

  Spiral screw liftThe advantages of simple operation, strong reliability, low maintenance rate, etc., make screw jacks have a wide range of applications. TP screw jacks have automatic interlocking mechanisms, that is, they can support their own weight without having to use brakes or other locking systems. Jacks can also be used alone It can be used in combination with shafts, couplings, and bevel gear drives.

  Spiral screw lifts can be driven by AC or DC motors, hydraulic or pneumatic motors, and they can be driven manually or in other forms of transmission.The rotation of the drive shaft drives the worm gear and produces axial linear movement of the screw.The screw must have an anti-rotation function; TPR is equipped with a rotating induction rod and a support nut, and the rotation of the drive shaft drives the worm wheel to rotate.

  The worm wheel of the spiral screw elevator is connected with the screw, which also drives the screw to rotate.Each supporting screw converts the rotation movement of the screw into a linear movement.The support nut must have anti-rotation function.In order to meet the wide needs of users, our company can provide various screw heads, and can also be customized according to user requirements. TP can also be customized as a jack according to user requirements to meet the special requirements of users' special machines. All major series of products adopt double guide rails. Ensure that the lift can perform its best performance under the harshest conditions.The special sealing technology enables the worm and screw elevator worm gear system to run in a good lubrication state for a long time.