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What is the future development trend of screw jacks

发布时间:2020-07-23 10:18:07

  What everyone saysScrew elevatorIt is a simple transmission equipment with high stability, long service life, small size, light weight, compact structure, wide power source, no noise, easy installation and many other advantages.According to research, screw jacks are now growing towards innovative technology. The elevator configuration meets lower application needs, but the repair rate is very low, it is very durable, stable, and the price is particularly cheap. Generally, there is no maintenance during its service life, and the operation is simple. .

  The screw elevator will use raw materials without air pollution.The installation of the screw jack will not require the installation of mobile scaffolding.The screw jack parts are not harmful to the ecology in the manufacturing and application process, and the raw materials can be recycled.

  Today’s society is particularly well aware of the inner connection between survival and growth: the specific development trends include: continuous improvement of product design, manufacturing of energy-saving, low energy consumption, low noise, no oil leakage, no water seepage, no electromagnetic interference, no oil pollution from the hoistway guide rail Screw jack.If it is not environmentally friendly, it cannot be sustained, and it is not growth without survival.The purpose of environmental protection has long been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people all over the world. The purpose of environmental protection is the general trend of the growth of screw jacks.

  1. The application of high-tech and new materials in the production of screw jack parts.For example, high-tech coatings are added to the surface of parts to greatly increase the service life.Use affordable and stable popular computers instead of high-priced and low-reliability special electronic boards for screw jacks to operate the screw jacks.

  2. Application of standard parts in large quantities.Basically all the spare parts of this elevator are standard parts that can be purchased on the market.

  3. Improvement of processing technology.The improvement of spare parts technology has reduced the price of products and made them more durable.Change of production process and mode.The elevator production method can be made the same as today's large-scale car production method, and the assembly line production method can be selected.And the production and sales are very high, with an annual output of 4 to 5 screw jacks.

  As elevators are growing towards innovative technologies, and everyone is fully aware that China has a low per capita income and is more sensitive to prices. Under this unique ecology, the market urgently needs simple, reliable and popular screw elevators.In the future, this type of elevator will account for more than half of my country's total elevator demand.