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tp series plane envelope toroidal worm reducer

  • tp series plane envelope toroidal worm reducer

  The tp series plane envelope toroidal worm reducer can be widely used in the reduction transmission of various transmission machinery.

  Such as metallurgy, mining, lifting, chemical, construction, rubber and plastics, shipbuilding and other industries and other machinery and equipment.

  The applicable working environment temperature is -40℃~+40℃, the input shaft speed is not more than 1500 rpm, and the worm shaft can rotate in both positive and negative directions.

  This reducer is designed and manufactured in accordance with the machinery industry standard JB/T9051-1999 "Plane Enveloping Annular Worm Reducer".

  TP type plane enveloping toroidal worm reducer (JB/T9051-1991) is driven by a plane enveloping worm reducer.



  The plane ring envelope worm reducer is an emerging transmission device,

  Its carrying capacity is large, the transmission efficiency is high, and the structure is compact and reasonable.

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