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ZQ gear reducer

  • ZQ gear reducer

  Product overview of ZQ gear reducer:

  The ZQ reducer is mainly used in industries such as lifting, mining, general chemical, textile, light industry, etc., and its applicable conditions are as follows:

  1. The circumferential speed of the gear transmission of the reducer is not more than 10 m/s;

  2. The speed of the high speed shaft of the reducer is not more than 1500 rpm;

  3. The reducer is used for forward and reverse rotation;

  4. The working environment temperature of the reducer is -40℃ to +40℃ 4. The reducer has nine transmission ratios, nine configuration types and three low-speed shaft end types;

  5、此类减速机传动比有: 48.57、40.17、31.5、23.34、20.49、15.75、12.64、10.35、8.23 。

  The ZQ gear reducer has a two-stage transmission. There are nine assembly types. The input shaft extension is conical, and the output shaft end consists of cylindrical (Z type), gear type (CA type, C type) and first-level Euclid (cross slide) ) Coupling (F type).

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