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XLK cycloid reducer

  • XLK cycloid reducer

  XLK6 cycloidal pin gear reducer is a reduction mechanism that applies the principle of planetary transmission, adopts cycloidal pin teeth meshing, advanced design, and novel structure.

  High transmission efficiency, small size, light weight, few failures, long life, stable operation, low noise, convenient disassembly and assembly, easy maintenance, simple structure, strong overload capacity, impact resistance, small moment of inertia, etc.

  1. This reducer is used for 24 hours of continuous work, and allows forward and reverse operation.

  2. The output shaft of the single-stage reducer rotates in the opposite direction, and the output shaft of the double-stage reducer is the same as the input shaft.

  3. The reducer has no self-locking function.

  4. The output shaft of this reducer cannot bear axial force.

  5. In applications where overload may occur, an overload protection device should be installed.

  6. The foot-plate horizontal cycloid reducer should be installed on a very solid level foundation without vibration. In applications where inclined installation is necessary, the inclination of the axis line of the reducer should not be greater than +-15°C.

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