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BWE cycloid reducer

  • BWE cycloid reducer

  Features of BWE cycloid reducer:


  2. The transmission efficiency is high. Because of the rolling friction of the pin tooth interlocking part, the single-stage mechanical transmission efficiency can reach more than 90% on average.

  3. Small size and light weight: Due to the planetary transmission principle, the input shaft and output shaft are designed on the same axis, so the structure is compact, small in size and light in weight.

  4. Stable operation and low noise: The number of cycloidal needle teeth has a large number of interlocking teeth, and the overlap coefficient is large, so the operation is stable and the noise is low.

  5. Small failure and long service life: The main parts are made of bearing steel, so the mechanical properties are good and the service life is long.

  6. It also has the characteristics of strong overload capacity, impact resistance and small moment of inertia.


  7. It is suitable for frequent starting and forward and reverse occasions, and it is easy to disassemble and assemble and easy to maintain.

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